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Lifting the Fog: Intrigue in the Middle East
Mpi Home Video (1991)
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Frank Hankey Sir Arthur Hardinge, British Minister in Tehran, 1915
Dominic Marcus Al Afghani, Pan-Islamic Leader, 1915
Harley Venton Arnold Toynbee, historian
Marc Zarum Baron Harlech, M.P.

Director Allan Siegel
Producer Jaffer Ali; Jacqueline Dolly
Writer Allan Siegel

This is a documentary using both actors playing historical characters and real people such as author and linguistist Noam Chomsky, former Assistant Secretary of State Richard Murphy, Dr. Elsah Habbash, author and literature professor Edward Said, magazine editor Chaim Shur, Israeli spokesman for the U.N. David Siegel and Peace organization activist and media analyst Michael Schiffer. This documentary gives a historical perspective on the the problems that were faced in the Middle East, in 1991 and still has much bearing on today's problems in that region of the world. Through archival footage and use of the actors and others and maps it gives how the creation of fictional nation states not only contributed to and exaberated the problems in that region of the world. Written by Peter J. Bradfield (IMDB)

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