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Rush to War
Echo Bridge Home Entertainment (2004)
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Daniel Berrigan Himself
George W. Bush Himself
Dick Cheney Himself
Noam Chomsky Himself
Richard Clarke Himself
Mark Danner Himself
Jerry Falwell Himself
Molly Ivins Herself
Alejandro Jodorowsky Himself
Ted Kennedy Himself
Joe Wilson
George McGovern

Director Robert Taicher
Producer Jonathan Sheinberg; Robert Taicher
Writer Robert Taicher

Filmmaker Robert Taicher explores the events leading up to the Iraq War in this penetrating documentary. Taicher provides a thorough examination of mistakes made by several administrations; the rationales presented for going to war; and the effect of events on America's society, security and international credibility. Bonus features include an exclusive interview with former Ambassador Joe Wilson, husband of outed CIA agent Valerie Plame.

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Distributor Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
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Region Region 1
Release Date 9/4/2007
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Includes interview with Noam Chomsky.