DVD 230 mins IMDB 8.2
Thiasos, O
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Greece  /  Greek

Eva Kotamanidou Elektra
Aliki Georgouli Elektra's Mother
Vangelis Kazan Spy
Stratos Pahis Elektra's Father
Maria Vassiliou Chrysothemis
Petros Zarkadis Orests
Kiriakos Katrivanos Pyladis
Giannis Fyrios Musician
Nina Papazaphiropoulou Old Woman
Alekos Boubis Old Man

Director Theodoros Angelopoulos; Theo Angelopoulos
Producer Lefteris Haronitis; Christos Paliyannopoulos
Writer Theodoros Angelopoulos

The metaphor of a theatrical troupe, travelling throughout Greece, is subtly used. Rather than actors, or commentators on history, as we'd expect, they're always continually observing, on the margins. [ChristieBooks]

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Edition O Thiasos [Non-US Format, PAL region 2]
Region Region 1
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