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Between Wars
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Drama, History, War
Australia  /  English

Corin Redgrave Dr. Edward Trenbow
Judy Morris Deborah Trenbow
Günter Meisner Karl Schneider
Arthur Dignam Peter Avante
Patricia Leehy Marguerite
Joan Winchester Deborah's Mother
Brian James Deborah's Father
Reg Gillam Trenbow Sr.
Betty Lucas Mrs. Trenbow
Neil Fitzpatrick Lance Backhouse

Director Michael Thornhill
Producer Hal McElroy; Michael Thornhill
Writer Frank Moorhouse

This film traces the career of Dr Edward Trenbow (Corin Redgrave), who becomes a well-respected Sydney psychiatrist. In the 1920s, he takes up residence at Callan Park Asylum. The film touches on issues of psychoanalysis and physical treatments, such as fever treatment. Written by Sujit R. Varma [IMDB]

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"I thought Between Wars had slipped between the cracks. At the time it was made, it was treated with the same attention as the new films by Weir, Noyce, Armstrong, Schepisi and Beresford but Thornhill's career never took off in the same way as those guys, all of whom had pretty high international recognition by the end of the decade. Perhaps it was the film's politics which counted against it. Australians and the rest of the world may not have been interested in the story of a man who spends his time in opposition to the establishment through the bleak years between the two world wars. Frank Moorhouse wrote the script and Corin Redgrave contributed a really good performance as the near hapless doctor who struggles against the forces of fear, conservatism and moralism. Its anarchist viewpoint put it way out of even the safe confines of left-wing thinking. It was as close as Mike Thornhill got to making a masterpiece and it stands up in the memory rather better than the often shallow costume dramas and literary adaptations that were the funding flavour of the time. The film has not been released on DVD and I'm not aware that the National Film Archive has made any effort to make a new print for re-screening at festivals here and overseas. That's a pity but its day will come and Thornhill's work on this and his next film The FJ Holden will be recognised for the great contribution they made in our recent film history"

Source: Geoff Gardner, http://members.optusnet.com.au/prgardner/geoffweb/geoff.htm

"Between Wars (Michael Thornhill, 1974) is a singular film about an Australian doctor returning to Sydney from Europe in the 1920s, armed with enthusiasm for modern ideas about the human mind. However, following another familiar pattern in Australian cinema, the film quickly develops into a pessimistic narrative of defeat and failure, beginning with the city’s resistance to modern ideas of a divided self and ending with the doctor’s isolation in a stifling country town"

Source: Felicity Collins, http://www.sensesofcinema.com/contents/06/40/theyre-a-weird-mob.html