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Bande à Bonnot, La
Seven 7 (1969)
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France  /  French

Jacques Brel Raymond Callemin dit 'Raymond la Science'
Bruno Cremer Jules Bonnot
Annie Girardot Maria la Belge
Jean-Pierre Kalfon Octave Garnier
François Dyrek Édouard Carouy
Dominique Maurin Soudy
Michel Vitold Victor Kilbatchiche
Nella Bielski Rirette Maîtrejean
Pascal Aubier Eugène Dieudonné
Anne Wiazemsky La Vénus rouge

Director Philippe Fourastié
Producer Jean-Paul Guibert
Writer Jean Pierre Beaurenant; Pierre Fabre

A group of French anarchists are moved to violence when their leader Raymond (Jacques Brel) is captured. They take up with the notorious gangster Bonnot (Bruno Cremer) and the gang steals a car to use in a bank robbery. The non-violent anarchists soon turn to killing and murder the guards before escaping to Belgium. They hide out in a whorehouse until a conniving madame blows the whistle on them. The group splits up, but the anarchists soon realize they are helpless without the ringleader Bonnot. The local police chief arrests one of the gang, and the authorities soon close in on the rest of the gang. By now police have enlisted the help of the army to insure that none of the criminals will escape in this mobster movie set in the early days of the 20th century. ~ Dan Pavlides, All Movie Guide

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