DVD 105 mins IMDB 7.8
Rosa blanca
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Drama, Thriller
Mexico  /  Spanish

Ignacio López Tarso
Christiane Martel
Reinhold Olszewski
Rita Macedo
Begoña Palacios
Carlos Fernández
John Kelly
Luis Beristáin
Tony Carbajal
Alejandro Ciangherotti

Director Roberto Gavaldón
Producer Felipe Subervielle
Writer Emilio Carballido; Roberto Gavaldón

An illiterate Indian (Ignacio Lopez Tarso) lives an idyllic existence as a landowner on Mexico's Gulf Coast until the greed of a US oil company gets in the way. He is murdered and the lives of all those around him are irrevocably destroyed as the company takes over the land by crooked means. Based on the novel by B.Traven [now known to be the German anarchist Ret Marut, editor of Der Ziegelbrenner - and Otto Fige, born in Poznan, 1882]. Written by Michel Snider {baco@earthlink.net} [IMDB]

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