The Small Steps
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Drama, Short
USA  /  English

Sheel Gupta Beautiful Traveller In The Ferry Station
Prashant First Man Entering Restroom
Abhishek Sheetal Business Traveller
Asim Taher Preist
B.K. Vasan Monk

Director Sunny Menon

A man is dead inside the restroom. Guilt, suspicion and accusations gets thrown among each other. Nobody realizes the simply truth. A monk, a priest and an anarchist, a lady, an ordinary individual, all enter the restroom. Monk says, we spent seven lives, but the body becomes a piece of cloth to be discarded. The priest says he could have been a sinner. But the seventh individual who enters exclaims, "Somebody IS Dead" Let us take small steps at a time or SMALL STEPS,THE. Written by Sunny Menon

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